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BVRHS GP9 Locomotive Number 296

Great Western 296 was built in 1954 for the Union Pacific as its #296 and served the UP until June of 1985 when it was sold to the Great Western. #296 last served the GW as the railroad’s Longmont switch engine from 1998 to 2003. GP9 locomotives, such as #296, were used by the Union Pacific to operate trains on the Boulder Branch. GW 296 was donated by Ben Mesander and Glenn Pearson in May of 2003 to the original BCRHS.



BVRHS has track space and track panels in standard and narrow gauge available for members to display and restore railroad equipment including locomotives, cars, speeders and mow equipment in Valmont, Colorado.

Please email your interests to BVRHS@BVRHS.ORG.





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